16 October 2018

Five Regional Startups’ Journey to Finland

Five Regional Startups’ Journey to Finland

SAIS Connected Hubs and Slush Global Impact Accelerator (Slush GIA) partnered together to support early-stage entrepreneurs in 2018. Calls for early-stage startups solving societal problems were opened in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia, and through pre-coaching events in three countries, 215 aspiring entrepreneurs were coached in pitching and business models. Five entrepreneurs who presented the best pitches for the most promising  startups were selected through local pitching competitions hosted at local innovation support organisations. Meet the startups from Southern Africa, selected to the Slush GIA in 2018. The impact-driven entrepreneurs completed a coaching program in October-November to gain insights, pick up skills and get a deeper  understanding of topics ranging from pitching to investor relationships as well as business and product development. In December 2018 they were well on their way ready to take Helsinki by storm as they attended Slush 2018, to pitch and gain exposure at one of Europe's leading tech conferences.

Bobby Nthutang, Zeal and Zest, Botswana

Zeal & Zest harnesses cloud technology to offer a comprehensive online system that centralises all financial management functions capturing all data on one platform; with the ability to control access, to incorporating an online shop, rota management, in-venue credit redemption system and cashless payments.


Demetrio Möwes, Solve Namibia, Namibia

Solve Namibia has developed Shade Balls, which are a proven, cost-effective and sustainable solution which prevents evaporation, and saves water on a large scale. This results in increased potable water supply security for Namibia. Water quality will also improve due to a reduction in algal growth, and the solution is long-term.

Conn Bertish, Cancer Dojo, South Africa

Cancer Dojo is a platform that empowers cancer sufferers to play an active role in their cancer treatments, making them more resilient to the negative effects of the disease.

Isaya Yunge, SomaApps, Tanzania

SomaApp is a scholarship-matching app that lists and matches students with thousands of domestic and international fully funded scholarships, Internships and Conferences. Students enter their academic qualifications and SomaApp search engine matches them with scholarships they qualify for.

Mwila Kangwa, AgriPredict, Zambia

AgriPredict is a data company focused on agriculture that aims to provide data driven insights for agriculture to maximize productivity, yields while at the same time mitigating risks such as drought, pest and diseases.