The SAIS 2 Inclusive Innovation training provides the SAIS 2 Innovation Fund Grantees with an opportunity to discover and apply the fundamentals of designing and delivering impactful business solutions for socially or economically excluded consumers. The Inclusive Innovation training kicked off in May 2019 with the 1st cohort of SAIS 2 funded Projects in Lusaka, Zambia. 



For this training course, SAIS 2 is partnering with BoP Innovation Center, an independent foundation with nearly 10 years’ experience supporting startups and SMEs in 15 African countries. 



The 2-day workshop launched the training course, which continues online with a structure of 7 modules over a 12 week period. The purpose of the on-site training is to grasp an understanding of the fundamentals of Inclusive Innovation and its key definitions and concepts. This included topics such as: "How to mix impact and profit in a business model" and "How to predict the potential success of your Inclusive Innovation". 

The training sessions were very interactive as each Project supported their close beneficiaries and project members to take part. BoP Innovation Center facilitated lively discussions to exchange learnings, which provides an opportunity for valuable networking and peer-learning across borders in the SADC region.

After the on-site training, the Projects continue the capacity building online. The Inclusive Innovation training provides a unique opportunity to discover the fundamentals of designing and delivering impactful business solutions for the "Base of the Pyramid". In this training course, the BoP Innovation Center’s Inclusive Innovation experts will share inspirational stories, tips and concrete exercises that will build the Grantees’ capabilities to better cope with the challenges that many startups and innovation support organisation experience when entering these new markets.

Supporting the Projects in the capacity building and the successful implementation of their projects are Inclusive Innovation Coaches, sourced by Bop Innovation Center and SAIS 2. 

The Inclusive Innovation training course is attended by five SAIS 2 funded projects: 

Watch this space for updates on the projects.