31 January 2019

2nd Call for Proposals Closes Concept Note Stage

2nd Call for Proposals Closes Concept Note Stage

SAIS 2 recently closed the 2nd Call for Proposals (2018/2)  for the SAIS 2 Innovation Fund on 31 January 2019. The Call which opened on 29 November 2018 invited organisations which support innovation and entrepreneurship in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to submit Concept Notes and subsequently Full Proposals for  grant funding. The overall objective of the SAIS 2 Call for Proposals is to support enhanced regional innovation cooperation and national innovation systems contributing to inclusive business and development. With this 2nd Call for Proposals, SAIS 2 seeks to identify concrete projects with well-defined goals that are to be achieved by partnership of organisations  from different SADC countries. 

A total of 176 Concept Notes were submitted via the SmartME online application portal where applicants could pre-register as the first step in preparing and submitting. The Concept Notes will go through an eligibility screening process done by SAIS 2 PMO and the national Focal Points, whereafter a shortlist of eligible submissions will be evaluated. From the evaluations a list of the highest scoring applicants will be invited to submit Full Proposals.

In creating awareness about the 2nd Call,  SAIS 2 PMO used social media, with postings of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), videos from current SAIS 2 grantees from the first Call for Proposals (CfP 2018/1) and a live webinar which attracted 230 participants. The national focal points based in the five SAIS 2 partner countries were instrumental in engaging potential applicants and offering guidance by hosting locally organised events, such as information days and media interviews. Information offered through these engagements focused on the application process, the funding windows, eligibility and  how to form a partnership or consortium for a project.

Lovisa Kambonde-Immanuel, from National Commission for Research Science and Technology (NCRST) and Tim Wucher, CEO of Dolo Operations and SAIS 2 grantee on Good Morning Namibia (NBC TV)

Pamela Kapaya-Muhongo, Assistant Public Relations Officer at National Technology Business Centre (NTBC) and Dr Benjamin Warr of Ntaka Soil Advisory Services a SAIS 2 grantee on Good Morning Kwacha, (ZBC)

Presentations at the SAIS 2 Innovation Fund Training hosted by COSTECH, in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

SAIS 2 Programme Director Flora Ismail Tibazarwa speaking at the Zambia Research Administrators Workshop in Lusaka