12 March 2019

Capacity Building for Innovation Fund Projects

Capacity Building for Innovation Fund Projects
Coordinators of the SAIS 2 Innovation Fund projects at the first capacity building training on Data Collection and Analytics Framework

The grantees of the 1st Call for Proposals of the SAIS 2 Innovation Fund are scheduled to receive capacity building across all 3 funding windows, with the training courses aimed at  ensuring the successful implementation of  the SAIS 2  funded projects.  The first capacity building programme took place  in December 2018, where SAIS 2, Loughborough University of London (LULDN) and mLab Southern Africa delivered a Data Collection and Analytics Framework training program for the Project Coordinators from the twelve SAIS 2 Innovation Fund grantee projects. Organised in Pretoria, South Africa, the capacity building programme brought together project coordinators from Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia to meet, network and exchange learning.  Two more capacity building programmes are set to kick off in the second quarter of 2019, with focus on the SAIS 2 Innovation Fund projects funded under the Window 2 (Scaling Enterprises)  and  projects funded under Window 3 (Inclusive Innovation).

Scaling Enterprises Acceleration Program

The SAIS 2 Scaling Enterprises training will capacitate participants through an acceleration programme which will assist them in improving their growth strategy, access to markets, financial planning and funding, which will ultimately allow them to improve their service offerings and enter new markets. To provide this training, SAIS 2 has partnered with Impact Amplifier, who work is to accelerate the growth and capital provision of high impact, innovative social enterprises by providing grant/investment readiness training, acceleration and bespoke business development services.

The SAIS 2 Programme Management Office (PMO) team  with Tanner Methvin, the Impact Amplifier partner at the planning meeting, in Windhoek, Namibia

Inclusive Innovation Bootcamp

The SAIS 2 Inclusive Innovation training provides the participants with an opportunity to discover and apply the fundamentals of designing and delivering impactful business solutions for socially or economically excluded consumers. For this training course, SAIS 2 is partnering with BoP Innovation Center, an independent foundation with nearly 10 years’ experience supporting startups and SMEs in 15 African countries. BoP Innovation Center will share inspirational stories, tips and concrete exercises to assist SAIS 2 funded projects to better cope with the challenges occurring when working in excluded and underdeveloped markets.

The SAIS 2 Programme Management Office (PMO) team  with Gerwin Jansen, from BoP at the planning meeting, in Windhoek, Namibia

The content for both funding windows 2 and 3 will be designed based on the needs of the participants and includes a Train-the-Trainer element as well as the creation of a mentor or coach network. With these approaches, the capacity building is aimed to be relevant to the participants and have a lasting effect on local innovation ecosystems. The grantees of the 2nd Call for Proposals, which closed in January 2019, also stand to benefit from the same training content.