12 April 2019

Southern Africa Startup Awards Launches 2019 Series

Southern Africa Startup Awards Launches 2019 Series

Setup A Startup, the new parent organization of Southern Africa Startup Awards recently hosted a media launch for the 2nd edition of Southern Africa Startup Awards (SASA) at the Impact Hub Johannesburg on 10  April 2019.  The organisation  is the project coordinator of the Startup Regional Connectivity and Global Visibility project  which is being supported through the SAIS 2 Innovation Fund. The project  will  through various activities around the awards event, celebrate, support and connect key role players in national and regional startup ecosystems and expose them to a global entrepreneurial network to increase their opportunity for partnerships, and exchange of business and knowledge.“We would like to acknowledge our partnership with the SAIS 2 Programme, through which support to this collaboration has been given. Being a consortium of six partners from around SADC, we are pleased to be able to implement several capacity building activities and establishing regional connectivity  for the SADC startup ecosystem” said Mckevin Ayaba, CEO of SASA. 

The launch included an informative panel discussion with partners Caban Investments, Startup of the Year South Africa winners Easy Equities, and Ndabenhle Junior Ngulube, Co-founder of pineapple and SASAwards South Africa 2018 Founder of the Year winner and an adress from Louise Peruch, Group Executive Chairman and CEO of League of Companies.

“Entrepreneurs are most successful when they have access to the human, financial, and professional resources they need, and operate in an institutional environment in which norms and policies encourage and safeguard entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship flourishes in ecosystems in which multiple stakeholders play key synergistic roles, which often requires multi-stakeholder collaboration and partnerships” stated Ayaba. 

The launch of the 2nd edition of the SASA Awards also signaled the official opening of the nominations process from all 15 SADC member states. “We are currently looking for Ambassadors to join our amazing team of global ambassadors who are from all over the world and are part of an exclusive group that generates a positive impact by nominating the best of their local startups to the largest independent global startup ecosystem competition.” explained Ayaba. The ambassadors use their knowledge of the local startup ecosystem  and nominate candidates through an online nomination platform. Through country partners and ambassadors in each national startup ecosystem, SASA curates innovative startups and startup supporters to contest for an opportunity to represent their country in one of 15 categories at the Southern Africa Startup Awards.